About Cataleya

(Kat- uh- lay- uh) Jewelry Studio



Combining Art, Inclusion,
& Sustainability

We are the counter-culture to mass-produced, generic jewelry that clogs our landfills. We create heirloom pieces made of quality materials like pure .999 silver.

Our customers value Cataleya’s commitment to playing a positive role in the local eco-system. Cataleya believes art should be inclusive, foster diverse community, and be created with sustainability in mind.

Who We Are

Founded by Alexander Percy and Jenn Von Egidy in 2020,  Cataleya Jewelry Studio is named after our daughter. We are a small, multi-racial family that includes intersectional identities in the LGBTQ+, non-native English speaker, economically disadvantaged, first generation college student, and feminist communities (to name a few).

The life experiences of our family is reflected in the values of our business. Our combined service to poverty alleviation, community organizing, and public art has crafted our mission to create genderless wearable art. Cataleya believes art should be inclusive, foster diverse community, and be created with sustainability in mind. 










About the Artist

 Internationally renowned Afro-Puerto Rican artist, Alexander Percy, brings 22 years of experience in fine arts, jewelry design, art history, art juror, and exhibition installation. Alex’s prestigious international exhibitions include Miami’s Art Basel, Shanghai International Art Fair, and ICA (International Caribbean Art) Fair.


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As a child in a small town outside of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, Alex became obsessed with drawing and graffiti as a way to express his emotions. His diligence in the arts paid off in 1995 when he was accepted into the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Puerto Rico. He studied under great masters of Puerto Rican art. During his final years in Puerto Rico, Alex achieved a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Art History. He proceeded to advance his studies with a certificate in jewelry design at the school of Arts and Sciences.

Alex moved from his home in Puerto Rico to New York City in 2005, where he lived and worked as a professional oil painter, sculptor, exhibition installer, and art juror for 11 years.  His oil paintings are still exhibited at the prominent Marion Royael in Beacon, NY. 

Upon moving to the Triangle of North Carolina, Alex went into a period of artistic hibernation as he contemplated his artistic journey. In 2020, Alexander’s brainchild for wearable sculptures was born as Cataleya Jewelry Studio.








About the Brand Strategist

Non-profit Executive and Marketing Strategist, Jenn Von Egidy, comes with 19 years of business leadership  to uproot systemic racism and inequities that marginalize people of color, LGBTQ+ folx, and women.


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Jenn grew up in a small rural town in Union County,  NC. Although her home was stable, many of the children in her neighborhood struggled. She grew up observing her mother’s quiet compassion as she provided a safe space and a full belly to anyone Jenn brought home. Her favorite past time was working for Kate Clyde’s Catered Creations where she expressed her knack for event planning and design.

In 2003, she moved to Boone, NC, to attend Appalachian State University. Jenn received her Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree by putting herself through school working in a homeless shelter. A life-long learner, Jenn has continued her education to receive a certificate in Non-profit Business Essentials and a certificate in Digital Marketing. Jenn has remained working to end homelessness in NC in varying roles that encompass strategic planning, systems-change navigation, marketing, & philanthropy.

Jenn contracts with both for profit and non-profits to provide business and marketing consultation.

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